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Other Links
Official Sites
     Subrosa:  the band's site--join the mailing list, and check out the bulletin board.
     Epic Records:  the label's site.

Fan Sites

    The For Squirrels/Subrosa Information site:  maintained by Kevin Wanamaker.  Includes tour dates, radio station contact info, and some exclusive For Squirrels pics.
    The For Squirrels Information HQ:  no longer being updated because the guy who used to maintain this moved to Seattle in the spring of 1996 or something, so don't expect anything new. However, it is still the best site for info on For Squirrels.
     The Unofficial For Squirrels Homepage:  a pretty good page with lots of info concerning Subrosa and For Squirrels.    Maintained by Jon Socha.

Other Bands

     bloom.: info about bloom., another great Gainesville band.
     five-eight: from Athens, GA.  Go buy their latest album, Gasolina!

Live Tapes
     My Tape List:  includes For Squirrels, Subrosa, Pink Floyd, The Who, and Pearl Jam.