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(thanks to Walter, Mike and Andy)

    --Jack is staying.
    --Look for new songs on the September 5th show.

    --Subrosa is playing the Covered Dish on September 5th.
   Summer Recap:
        --Subrosa agreed not to sue Sony for breach of contract in return for some $$$, the song rights, and the right to place the album with another label. Sony gets a pretty decent overide ( % of profits).  Their manager is waiting for them to demo the new stuff and resolve the drummer issue, and then he'll look for a new deal for them.  It is possible but unlikely that the new label will rerelease NBTDYH and promote it with singles and stuff.  I say unlikely because that means that the new label willl have to give Sony a profit percentage and the record companies have all this competitive ego shit going on.
       --Subrosa is looking for a new drummer.  Jack will be unable to tour because he is going to school.
        --Subrosa has four new songs:  "Talk is of Waste", "Asteroid", "Phoenix", and "Decay".  Lyrics coming soon.
       --No tour with Fuel because Sony dropped Subrosa from Sony/Epic/550 Music.  Subrosa responded with  the threat of a lawsuit for breach of contract.

    --Possible upcoming tour with label-mate Fuel.

    --The tour plans with Might Joe Plum have been cancelled.

    --Subrosa shot the video for "The Life Inside Me Killed this Song" last weekend (1/17) at Paramount Studios.

    --Subrosa plans to work their way back to Florida during February, possibly with Mighty Joe Plum, with possibly an April campus tour to follow.
    --Subrosa is playing the Covered Dish on Feb. 20.

    --On Monday the 15th, there will be a Subrosa interview on WXTB 97.9 in the Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater area, at 10pm. They will be taking calls, so please call in, anybody who can.  The number is 572-0098 for locals or 1-800-737-0098.
    --A video shoot for "Buzzard" is supposed to happen on Dec. 30th.
    --The Jacksonville December 16 has switched dates and location to January 2 at the Milk Bar.

9/5/98 Gainesville, FL Covered Dish w/ The Causey Way, and Mahoney

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