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-For Squirrels--Subrosa-
-For Squirrels--Subrosa-


For Squirrels
        Heard But Not Scene--Moon, September 20, 1995.
        Gathering Nuts--The Boston Phoenix, December 7, 1995.
        Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die--The Vassar College Miscellany News, February 2, 1996.
        Life and Death on the Cusp of Success-- Fort Worth Star-Telegram, February 17, 1996.
        Requiem for a Band--People Magazine, February 26, 1996
        For Squirrels--Eclipse, March 1996
        Tomorrow Never Knows... April 1996.
        For Squirrels: From Tragedy Springs Hope--Slamm, April 17, 1996.
        For Squirrels--Jack V. talks about some of the Example songs
    Album Reviews
        Baypath Rd.
            Rolling Stone, #726--"inspired" the song "Critic's Razor."
            Imprint, January 26, 1996
            Richmond Times-Dispatch(Virginia), December 29, 1995
            WestNet, December 22, 1995
            University of Southern California Daily Trojan, February 8, 1996--scroll down and you'll see it.
            San Fransisco State University Golden Gater, March 14, 1996--scroll down and you'll see it.
            Discover, March 29, 1996--in German.
    Concert Reviews
        March 5, 1996, Raleigh, NC--with soundclips.
        March 15, 1996, Austin, TX--from "Public News:  Noise."
        March 21, 1996 Vancouver, BC
        April 1, 1996
        May 2, 1996, Chicago, IL
        September 1, 1996, Miami, FL

        Subrosa Grew out of Tragedy--Savannah Morning News, November 14, 1997.
        Subrosa's Madness is Genius by Design--The Florida Alligator, October 4, 1997.
        Subrosa:  Secret Squirrels--Guitar World, September 1997
        Subrosa--Rocknet, August 1997.
        Subrosa Come Rocking Back from the Edge--Gainesville Sun, August 8, 1997
        For Squirrels Survivors Forge Ahead With Subrosa--Allstar, August 4, 1997.
        The Name Game--Rolling Stone Online, Random Notes Daily, March 5, 1997.
    Album Reviews
        Never Bet the Devil Your Head
            Philadelphia Inquirer--August 10, 1997
            Y'all--January 1998
            Cleveland's Scene Magazine, September 4, 1997
            Miami Times, August 29, 1997
            Richmond Times-Dispatch(Virginia)--August 28, 1997
            All Star Music Magazine, July 28, 1997
            CMJ, July 1997
    Concert Reviews
            August 10, 1997, St. Pete, FL


For Squirrels
Promo Shots
Live Shots
    Josh Auzin's SubrosaPix Page
        April 1996, The Cotton Club, Atlanta, GA
        May 5, 1996, Music Midtown Festival, Atlanta, GA
        October 5, 1996, Alachua Music Harvest, Alachua County Fairgrounds, Gainesville, FL     (more)
    Revlover98's Subrosa Picture Page
        May 8, 1996, The Rubb, Tampa, FL
        May 10, 1996, The Embassy, Orlando, FL
        September 5, 1996, The Rubb, Tampa, FL

Promo Shots
Live Shots
    August 7, 1997, The Sapphire Supper Club, Orlando, FL (thanks to Scoot Cooper)
    "Buzzard" video shoot
    Josh Auzin's SubrosaPix Page
        March 26, 1997, Floyd's, Tallahassee, FL  (more)
        April 1997 The Point, Atlanta, GA  (more)
        July 2, 1997 Club La Vela, Panama City Beach, FL  (more)
        August 2, 1997, The Nick, Birmingham, AL  (more)
        November 6, 1997, The Chameleon Club, Atlanta, GA (more)